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Penguin UK

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Description:The official website of Penguin Books, publishers of literary, fiction,reference, autobiography, academic and classic books. Find book reviews, author information, news, interviews and competitions inside.

Penguin's website features over 6000 bestselling fiction and non-fiction titles for adults including the Rough Guides plus Puffin, Ladybird and Flower Fairy books for children.

Penguin publishes books on a huge variety of subjects for all age-groups. With great titles including bestselling crime, popular fiction and the famous Penguin Classics, plus a wonderful selection of science, reference, politics and society and travel writings amongst many other genres, there's definitely something for everyone.

You can also find the indispensable Rough Guides, Which? and Time Out series' and each month new author interviews, competitions, events, promotions and tips on how to get published. We also sell audiobooks and eBooks for Microsoft, Adobe and Palm Readers.


Penguin UK

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