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Direct Bikes Scooters

Retailer:Direct Bikes Scooters
Description:Direct Bikes is the largest direct scooter manufacturer in the UK. Bike Direct manufacturer and sell direct to customers with no middle men, allowing them to supply high quality scooters at very competitive prices.

Just choose your scooter style and colour - and Direct Bikes will deliver direct to your door within 3 working days.


Why pay more?

Why indeed? Scooters from Direct Bikes are manufactured using the highest quality materials, latest technology and stylish designs. Their four stroke machines will get you from A to B reliably, turning heads along the way.

Buy with confidence - every scooter from Direct Bikes comes with a 12 month parts warranty.

In London, a scooter can cut your journey time by up to 60% and there’s no Congestion Charge.

Scooters are cheaper than buses and trains, and eco-friendly with fewer emissions than cars. Road tax is only £15, a gallon of petrol will take you 100 miles plus, and parking is often free.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, we have a scooter thats just right for you. Choose from a selection of engine sizes, eye-catching colours and designs to match.

Direct Bikes Scooters

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