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Description:ScanSoft is market-leading supplier of speech and imaging solutions that are used to automate a wide range of manual processes, including Dragon Naturally Speaking and PDF Converter.


ScanSoft develops award-winning document automation solutions, including OCR (optical character recognition), eForm design and personal document management applications. Its speech and language solutions accurately convert speech into text at up to 160 words-per-minute, enable the voice-control of computer systems, and are used to add human-sounding synthesised voice to software applications and embedded hardware systems.

Click here to browse our range of document automation products, including Dragon NaturallySpeaking 8 Standard English, OmniPage Pro 14.0 Standard International English, Paperport 10 Professional- English and Converter 2 English.

Scansoft's desktop products are used by business professionals to automatically create editable documents from paper and voice, to instantly convert paper forms into digital forms, and to easily organize scanned paper and digital documents on the PC. Take a look at some of our top products:

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 8 Standard English, RRP £79.98 - With Dragon NaturallySpeaking® Standard you can talk to your computer and watch your words instantly appear in letters, e-mails, instant messages and chat rooms. You can even surf the web by speaking! Dictate and edit in by voice in your favourite Windows® applications including Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Outlook® Express, America Online® and Corel® WordPerfect®. It's fast, accurate and easy to use.

OmniPage Pro 14.0 Standard International English, RRP £99.99
OmniPage® Pro 14 will help you reach new levels of productivity by eliminating retyping. Precision OCR technology, advanced layout analysis and powerful editing tools allow you to quickly turn paper and PDF files into editable electronic documents that look just like the original – complete with text, tables and graphics.

PaperPort 10 Professional- English, RRP £99.98
PaperPort® Professional 10 is the most productive and cost effective way for everyone in your office to organise, find and share paper and PDF documents. PaperPort Professional combines the efficiency of document management, the convenience of network scanning and the power of creating PDFs, to bring a new level of operational proficiency to your organisation.

PDF Converter 2 English, RRP £39.99
ScanSoft PDF Converter instantly converts PDF files into Microsoft Word documents and forms that look just like the original – complete with all formatting and graphics! Information is set free – free to be edited & free to be integrated into your documents. Improved formatting, form handling and page-range selection mean you'll save more time than ever before.

With over 10 million registered users and leading corporate customers - including Chevron, the Internal Revenue Service, Kodak and Morgan Stanley - ScanSoft's innovative imaging and speech technologies are among the most pervasive in the world. The company also has strategic business and bundle relationships with the world's leading technology companies, including AOL/Time Warner, Canon, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard, Lexmark, Microsoft and Xerox.

Scansoft's imaging toolkits are used by software developers to incorporate market-leading scanning, OCR, barcode, IMR and PDF capabilities into commercial and in-house applications. ScanSoft's integrated Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) engines are used by leading communications, automotive, and mobile device manufacturers to voice-enable unified messaging, IVR, telematics, wireless and Pocket PC solutions.


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