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Description:Channel - open a channel account today and with one of our great offers and discover a world of serious entertainement!

Channel - 2DVD for 5 each Free P&P

Channel is one of the world's leading providers of direct entertainment, offering numerous deals and discounts.  We offer amazing value on a huge selection of movies and thousands of CDs from hip hop to rock, from jazz to jungle. We stock virtually every DVD available for release in the UK - and lots of titles available for pre-ordering long before general release.

So what's so great about Channel? 

At Channel, entertainment isn't just our business, it's our passion. So we're open 24 hours a day, offering amazing value on the world's greatest entertainment. Best of all, we reward you for shopping with us!

Serious savings

No single DVD will ever cost you more than 14.99. No single CD will ever cost you more than 8.99. Double discs are priced individually, but are always great value. And with loads of special deals and discounts, Channel really does mean the best in entertainment, for less.

More movies and more music

At Channel we've got a huge selection of the latest movie releases and old favourites. We stock virtually every DVD available in the UK, and thousands of CDs from hip hop to rock, from jazz to jungle.

Great value

With Channel, the more you buy, the more you save. It's our way of saying thanks for shopping with us.

Getting free post and packing fast

Once you have purchased 6 Channel price items you qualify for free post and packing (unless your opening offer included free delivery for life). However, online, this benefit only kicks in on the first transaction after buying 6 full price items. So for example, you have already on a separate occasion bought 4 Channel price items. You want to buy 4 more. If you buy the 4 items all in one go, i.e. your 5th 6th 7th and 8th purchases, free P&P will start for you on your 9th item. Therefore to get P&P as soon as possible you should buy just two items and then, say later in the day, log on again and buy your 7th and 8th items.

What we ask of you

At Channel, we give you great entertainment, great value and the inside track on entertainment. Our prices are low and we want to keep it that way. So the only thing we ask of you is that you agree to buy just 6 Channel Price DVDs and/or CDs. But when you think how many DVDs and CDs you normally buy in a year, finding 6 shouldn't be hard. (See terms and conditions for details)

Hot new movie releases - the moment they're released

Pre-order up-coming titles and we'll get them into the post in time to be delivered on release. So you'll be among the first to own them.
If your order contains a mix of current and pre-ordered (ie. not yet released) titles, you will receive in stock items first, and the pre-order items when they become available. Check the release dates of your titles when you order.

Open all hours

With Channel you can shop to suit your needs - 24/7 on the web, by post or phone.

Delivered fast

You won't hear "please allow 28 days for delivery" from us. As long as the title's in stock, As long as the title's in stock, we'll send your order within 48 hours by second class post.
Pre-orders will be delivered on release.

Get inside entertainment

We're part of UGD Ltd, one of the world's leading providers of direct entertainment, so we have the size to get you the best deals and the contacts to be in the know. We've got all the big names - and we can tip you off about less well-known titles and up-and-coming artists. We'll give you news, views, gossip and more - take you behind the scenes and tell you what's hot and what's not.

Channel - The incredibles 2.99 Free P&P


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