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Description:InterRose the online UK Rose Delivery Service offering Red Roses, Blue Roses, Black Roses, White Roses, Preserved Roses, Freeze Dried Roses, Freeze Dried Rose Petals, Fresh Rose Petals, Deluxe Roses and much more too!

Whatever you want to say, however you want to say it, you can always say it with a ROSE from InterRose, the UK's freshest Rose Delivery Service.

Roses! Send 1 to 101 beautiful long stemmed roses

Petals! We supply both pints and jugs of both Fresh Rose Petals for delivery throughout the UK and Freeze Dried Rose Petals for delivery worldwide

Rose Specials! Look out for our select choice of named varieties throughout the year.

Rose Treats! Special Romantic treats including rose treats, teddy bears, chocolate hearts, rose petals, rose perfumed candles and heart-shaped pillows.

A Year of Roses!  12 enchanted bouquets of roses sent every month of the year, expressing beauty, freshness and variety... and the highest of esteem!

InterRose is the rose delivery service from The Red Rose Society and we warmly welcome you. We are working very hard to make InterRose the UK's favourite rose delivery service. We deliver only top grade premium 70, 80 or 90 cm roses throughout the UK and offer the widest choice of colour and quantity to be found anywhere on the Internet.

We are totally committed and completely passionate about our service and our roses and actively promote a 100% customer satisfaction policy. So please, whatever your rose needs might be, be sure our friendly, professional and floral trained staff are always here to help!


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