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Description:uSwitch will help you to save money on household bills, credit cards & personal loans. Search, switch and save with uSwitch.com, a free, impartial comparison service.


Our aim is to help customers take advantage of the best prices, offers and services from every supplier. uSwitch want to make it as easy as possible to compare and switch.

uSwitch is independent of all the companies we represent, so we are truly unbiased. Unlike traditional brokers, we show you all of the suppliers, not just the ones that pay us commission.

Our service is based on the most up-to-date information from suppliers and regulators so you can be assured that our calculations are accurate.

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OR choose from one of these fabulous money saving services directly:

  • The energy calculator is Energywatch accredited and compares prices on every UK gas and electricity supplier. Click Energy Price Comparison Calculator.

  • The home telephone calculator is Oftel accredited and compares the prices of every major UK home telephone supplier.(BT, talktalk, Telewest, ntl, One.Tel, Tiscali etc...). Click here to compare prices on UK telephone suppliers and save up to 90% on your phonecalls

  • The digital television calculator compares prices on satelite, cable and digital packages from Sky, ntl, Telewest and Freeview. Compare prices on DTV suppliers.


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